What spirituality is and what it is not?

What spirituality is and what it is not?

I am sitting on the train watching a father and his ten-year-old daughter. They are so nice. He is so engaged and enthusiastic and has so much fun in a conversation with her.
They exemplify how one can be towards another. Full of love.
I think it is possible to be like this with everything. It requires attention. It needs cultivation. But it is possible.
I think when people see it in someone who doesn’t apply it only towards a family member or a loved one, they think this is spirituality.
Perhaps it is.
Giving love to everyone.
Perhaps feeling love for everyone is spirituality.
Perhaps feeling gratefulness is spirituality.
Perhaps feeling contentment is spirituality.
Perhaps feeling inner peace is spirituality.
Certainly showing devotion to a principle, doing things for show, being overly strict to oneself or others, showing no appreciation, showing anger, pessimism, anxiety – is not spirituality.
Which one do you practice?

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