What if?

What if?

What if the many “truths” we take for granted are not necessarily what they claim to be?!
What if what the doctors or food industry or big pharma have been telling (selling) us is not necessarily the best for us?!
What if we take part of responsibility for our health in our own hands? Educate ourselves. Experiment. Learn.
What if we actually KNOW what is good for our own health and well-being?
Are you sure high, natural fat is bad for you?
Are you sure natural salt is bad for you?
Are you sure it is bad not to eat occasionally, skip a meal or the entire day?
Are you sure your total cholesterol tells you how healthy you are?
Many new answers to these questions are emerging and changing the way we look at our health and the ways to stay healthy. What we have believed for a long time inevitably gives way to new, better understanding.
Do You eat because you are hungry? Or because you’ve run out of a quick fix -sugary, addictive,unnatural stuff that pretends to be edible or healthy!
Do you eat Real food that has not been denatured in any way other than simple cooking?
Are you able to access your fat energy storage as easily as you’re accessing the glucose from the carbohydrates you consume?
Do you think sugar is safe and innocent or maybe even natural?
Do you know why you are always hungry?
Do you know why you seem to gain weight even though you hardly eat anything?
Do you know how to open up your body and find new freedom of movement without painful and ineffective stretching?
Do you know how to fortify your body’s defensive systems so that you rarely get sick?
Do you know how to easily maintain your optimal weight and energy levels?
Do you know how to relax your body, quiet your mind and deal with stress efficiently?
Hormetix provides many answers to these questions.
It is simple. Effective. Natural.

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