Two sides of the coin.

Two sides of the coin.

Yin and Yang or the aspect of duality is present in everything.
Male/Female, Day/Night, Dark/Light etc. etc.
It is no surprise then, that our daily cultivation includes both elements.
We are not trying to find some imagined quality of neither Yin nor Yang.
Quite the opposite – embrace both as an integral part of life. As long as they remain proportional to each other and our particular needs, we will remain in balance.
When trying to instill healthy habits, we need to remember about both sides of the coin.
For example:
Yang                                                                                                               Yin
Exercise, move with intensity, speed.                                                  Exercise, move gently, slowly.
Eat abundant, nutritious food.                                                                      Rest from food, fast.
Breathe deeply, with intensity.                                                        Breathe slowly, practice breath holding.
Spend some time in the city.                                                                   Spend some time in nature.
Get used to, practice with the heat.                                                   Get used to, practice with the cold.
Think, use your intellect.                                                                                           Meditate.
Work. Be active.                                                                                                   Rest. Sleep.

The list never ends. Both sides are needed. Be creative.

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