The minimum you can do for your health.

The minimum you can do for your health.

Stop eating all day long.

Stop eating junk, especially highly processed and sugary “foods” and “beverages”.

Get some good quality sleep. Where you sleep, it should be dark, quiet and well ventilated. Minimum 8 hours. No excuses.

Learn how to breathe deeply and do it frequently in the park, forest, or any natural, clean place.

Every day. Repeat: every day you need to be active. Move!

Get out of the chronic stress situation. Pick the option more suitable for you:
1. Change your circumstances, as in: getting out of the toxic relationship or changing the work environment or
2. Change yourself, as in: learning how to deal with stress. Learning and practicing meditation can be helpful.
You can use both approaches simultaneously.

Recharge your batteries in nature and don’t isolate yourself from it. Regular and gradual exposure to natural elements like cold or heat will strengthen your body’s abilities to tolerate sudden temperature changes and effectively respond to the attacks of pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

If you are overweight – fast.
If you feel unwell – fast.
If you lack the energy – fast

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