No movement = loss of the ability to move.

No movement = loss of the ability to move.

We often tend to ignore our bodies and minds to the point of not realizing the fundamental importance and impact on our life that the properly functioning body and mind have.
In the continuous rush of day-to-day existence, in the midst of all the important matters that we absolutely have to take care of, we forget that if our body starts to malfunction, we will not be able to direct our attention and energy into anything else anyway.
To prevent this from happening, try to incorporate physical activity into the normal flow of your day.
Move at every opportunity you have!
This will not only allow you to maintain your physical fitness and ability to do things but it will also greatly impact your mental fitness and the way you feel in general!
It is difficult sometimes to find an hour or two for physical exercise.
However it is possible to integrate a lot of physical activities into our other daily activities.
Get off the bus a couple of stops earlier and take a walk.
Use stairs instead of an elevator. From now on, every flight of stairs, every hill to climb can be your ally in being more active.
Whenever practicable – ride a bike instead of a car.
Park your car in a place that will make you take a nice walk.
Do you like to dance? Put the music on and dance till you’re breathless!
Stretch discreetly when at work, on the train or plane.
Waiting for something? Another opportunity to open up the body, release the muscle tension and move your body!
Move and stretch when you wake up in bed.
Move, stretch and release when waiting in the traffic jam.
Move when sitting and traveling in the bus.
Move when watching TV or listening to your favorite podcast.
The sky is the limit! Or your imagination is. Be creative. Every day can become a a game, an interesting challenge – how do I create an opportunity for some movement today?
Your body is designed to move.
Regular, balanced movement activities prevent illness, heal and strengthen.

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