Happiness in Simplicity.

Happiness in Simplicity.

Minimalism has been a fashionable trend lately. Many blogs, youtube channels, and websites capitalize on the wave of interest in simplifying our extremely complex lives.
I like it. I hope more and more people realize the value of restraint. Especially in the material sphere.
For me, personally, minimalism is about efficiency, optimization, and contentment.
We own too much, eat too much, stress out too much, worry too much etc.
How do we eat just enough? Own no more than we need? Work or exercise in an optimal way?
Of course, there is no one, simple answer to these questions but the very fact that we start asking them can potentially lead us in the right direction.
We all have the responsibility of looking into ourselves and learning about our real needs, about how we can function in the best possible way, about our natural inclinations.
When we begin to get rid of clutter in our lives and by clutter I don’t mean only the stuff that we own but also negative people we spend too much time with, old habits that lower our quality of life, thinking patterns that cater to experiences from the past that are no longer applicable etc etc, – only then we have a chance to see clearly what holds real importance to us. What gives us a long lasting satisfaction and contentment.
What it means to be happy.

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