Follow Nature – Natural health cultivation.

Follow Nature – Natural health cultivation.

The way of Nature

Mother Nature provides.
Listen to her voice.
Listen to her instructions.
Her voice is part of you.
She will tell you what to do.
Use her elements to stay fit and healthy.
Use air, sun, earth and water.
You are part of her.
Do not avoid her.
Flow with rather than against her.
She is your teacher.
Pay attention to your own body and everything around it.


Use breath to control your body and your mind.
Discover the breath as a wonderful connection between one and the other.
Breathe deeply and fully.

Keep things simple.
Don’t over-complicate.
Life is complex enough as it is.
Simplify your work.
Simplify your foods.
Simplify your needs.
Simplify your life.
The more things you add the more complicated things become.
Seek beauty in simplicity.
Enjoy simple pleasures and learn how to recognize them throughout your day.

What you do is what you develop.
Repetition develops habits.
You have a choice of what you want to develop.
Do more of what and how you want to be.
Do less of what and how you don’t want to be.
Repeat it long enough and it will become your nature.
It will become you.

Live your own life.
Get inspiration from others but you are the one who has to walk the chosen path. Make it your own by doing not just reading or thinking about it.
Pick what suits you best. Discard what is not your cup of tea.
How to tell the difference? – you might ask!
Ask yourself! You and only you can answer this.
Realize what comes to you naturally.
You are a unique individual with your own strengths and weaknesses. Nurture the former and get rid of the latter.

Pay attention to what you eat and drink.
Combined with the air you breathe – this is what you are made of!
Choose fresh and avoid processed foods, especially sweets.
Variety is important.
Think why you eat, how much, what you eat, when you eat, and how you eat.

Let your body rest and recover after intense physical exertion.
Let your digestive system rest and recover regularly. Your body is designed to feast and fast.
Let your mind rest and recover. Find your favorite form of meditation.
Make sure you get a regular good night’s sleep.
Feel the hunger regularly.

Do not stop moving! Your body is designed to run, jump, lift and twist.
Pay attention to your posture. Repetition creates habits!
Make sure you get a daily dose of physical and mental activity and stimulation.
Sweat every day.

Good stress (eustress) is the very stress that provokes change, adaptation and development.
Find time to commune with nature and its elements.
Don’t always insulate yourself from cold, heat, rain or snow. Train your body and mind to adapt to changing circumstances.

Develop a habit of finding things, situations and people in your life to appreciate.
Realize how lucky you are!



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