Everyday cultivation of quality.

Everyday cultivation of quality.

Every single day you wake up in some place, you wake up in some body, you wake up in some mind and you begin to tell yourself your own story from the beginning, again.
You remember where you are. You remember who you are. You remember what you need to do.
Remember. It is a nice word but do you realize that human memory is re-created over and over again every time we try to “remember” something?!
We do not function like a computer storing memories of yesterday. Every reflection of the past is created anew every time we try to remember it. Amazing! A continuous creative process!
Just like our everyday life.
Every morning you wake up and create your life again. You put it all together the way you are used to, the way your environment had conditioned you, the way it is convenient or the only way you believe it is possible to do.
But of course you know that there are many, many ways. All it takes is changing your immediate surroundings, social circle, cultural environment, the place where you live or work and it becomes very clear how many different ways of doing things there are.
Or.. you can change the way you think. Change the thinking and continuously use this new way, practice, utilize, cultivate it.
This is the simplest and yet the most demanding change. It requires our own work, effort, willingness, time and patience. All the things we are constantly running short of.

When you wake up – think of something nice, appreciate a good night’s sleep.
Stretch and appreciate your body.
Get up and appreciate your surroundings.
Walk to the bathroom and appreciate the water you have.
Go to the kitchen, prepare something healthy, tasty, nutritious and thank for the food you have.
Go out, appreciate the world and yourself and do something good, do something nice!

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