Every day I try to remember to appreciate every moment.

Every day I try to remember how lucky I am.

Every day I try to remember what a privilege it is to have food, water, roof over my head, shower, refrigerator, health, freedom, education, family, friends, time and much, much more!

Every day I try to remember not to get irritated by the little inconveniences that life provides from time to time.

Every day I try to remember not to complain and feel sorry for myself just because I forget that the little moment of unhappiness I happen to go through is not the center of the entire universe!

I try and try, day after day, over and over again until it becomes a habit.

Until it becomes something completely natural.

Until I fully realize there is nothing missing.

And when my expectations, ignorance, self pity and sense of entitlement are gone, all that is left is APPRECIATION.

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