Natural Health Cultivation

Ask yourself every day:

Have I sweated today? – stimulate the physical and mental capacity retention and development.

Have I been cold today? – energize and activate your immune system

Have I been hungry today? – support your regenerative/cleansing mechanisms

Hormetix is a lifestyle

It is about:
The need to eat real foods.
The need to fast.
The need to move.
The need to rest and recover.
The need to be exposed to natural elements.

Our passion is creating our own life, opportunities for daily practice, realizing our power to change.
We promote simplicity, natural health and fitness, nutritious foods, contact with nature, natural ways of strengthening of our immune system, simple detox techniques and balanced, peaceful, positive and stable mindset.
In our practice we utilize body-mind methodsfrom different traditions, techniques from Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, ancient health practices of pre-civilization people, our own experiments in Nature and new discoveries in the realm of science.

Currently, we are working on creating a platform to help people worldwide find good quality yoga – TopYogis.com

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